Charlie and the Chocolate Factory By Mr Ross

Charlie Bucket lives with his mum, dad and his four year old grandparents in a small house. The one thing that Charlie longed for the most is chocolate! But his family can only afford ONE bar year and he usually gets his bar on his birthday. To make things worse, four days before Charlie’s birthday Willy Wonka sends out golden tickets which he hides inside his magical wonka bar (golden tickets give you a tour round the Wonka factory). Charlie is unfortunate on his birthday as his birthday chocolate bar does not have a golden ticket inside. However he finds a 50p which he spends on a Wonka bar and inside is… a golden ticket!

The main characters are: Mr Willy Wonka, Grandpa Joe and Charlie Bucket. My favourite characters are the oompa loomas (the workers of the chocolate factory) because they are really funny!

I enjoyed the book because it’s a great adventure. My favourite part was when Augustus Gloop (One of the golden tickets finders) starts drinking the chocolate river and falls in. I enjoyed the part because he deserves it!

I would recommend this to a friend because it’s enjoyable to