Friend Or Foe By Ben S

Friend or Foe is a war story about two young boys who live in London and are being evacuated to the countryside. David and Tuckey are the main characters in this story and are best friends. Unfortunately they have to leave their mothers in London. When they are there they have to get chosen along with the rest of the boys. Mr Renalds picks both of them and David and Tuckey live on the farm. One day they see a plane crash. But it couldn’t of been. The army searched and searched and did not see a sign of it. But one day they David and Tuckey see the Germans. Are they a friend or a foe?

I think you should read this book if you want to read a drama, war story that has a little adventure at the same time. If you have read War Horse you should definitely read this brilliant book. I personally think this is one of my favorite books even though I’ve just read it! The way Michael Morpurgo writes is fantastic and although this a rather long book it is worth your time!

I recommend  this book to 9 year olds and up. I rate this 4 and a half stars because I really would like to know more of the Germans who crashed, backgrounds.

By Ben S

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